Because this golden age of oil wealth will never end, the individual emirates are spending money at a breakneck pace. Here are some of the most impressive projects in the UAE today:

House of Cars, Dubai: A 700,000 square foot windowless box, containing over 90,000 antique cars. The building exists only for the pleasure of Sheik Mohammed, and the cars are not to be touched, seen, or known about by the public.

Mega-Golf, Abu Dhabi: Like mini-golf, but in the other direction. The longest hole is 12 km long, with a full-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower as an obstacle.

The Sideways Burj, Ras al-Khaimah: Currently under construction, this superstructure will be the world's only (and largest) sideways skyscraper. The Sideways Burj is planned to be one story high and 8000 stories long. When completed, it will also double as a bridge to Iran.

Underwater Rocket Ship Adventure Land, Umm al-Quwain: A futuristic amusement park in an underwater dome, where visitors board a space shuttle, fly 100km up out of the water, and then parachute back down to earth in a heat resistant suit. Construction has not yet begun on this project, but engineers have deemed it to be "nearly almost feasible (maybe)".

Refridgomax, Sharjah: The world's coldest refrigerator and warmest freezer. It operates at exactly -6.5C and is perfect for storing slurpees and slush puppies. The technology behind Refridgomax is so complicated that it takes up three city blocks and has to be powered by a microscopic black hole.

Oil Baths, Ajman: A series of bath houses built over Ajman's most productive oil wells, so that all residents of the emirate can bathe in the warm sticky crude. The experience is incredibly unpleasant and doesn't leave you any cleaner, but it does make you smell like everlasting wealth.

Giant Solid Gold Statue of Abraham Lincoln, Fujairah: Self-explanatory.

Brendan Patrick Hennessy, 30 January 2008