Sid Meier's Civilization (1991) is a turn-based strategy game where players lead a country through 6,000 years of human history. It has spawned five major sequels: Civilization II (1996), III (2001), IV (2005), Revolution (2008), and V (2010). The maps below show an approximate real-world location for every playable country in the series, along with how many times each country has appeared. The first map shows only those countries included in the initial release of each game, while the second includes countries from expansions and downloadable content packs. All in all there have been 51 playable countries in the series and together they've made a total of 157 appearances.

Europe is clearly the most well-represented region. 20 of the 51 countries in the series (39%) are European and they're responsible for 66 of the appearances (42%). By comparison, Europe's 711 million people make up around 10% of the world's population. If you add in North Africa and the Middle East, the total goes up to 29 countries and 90 appearances (both 57%). The population of that combined area is around 1.092 billion, or 15% of the world.

Brendan Patrick Hennessy, 20 February 2014