About the Show

Groundbreaking TV series Dr. Cop, Attorney at Law was the brainchild of producer Stavros E. Papadopoulos. Originally conceived as a space opera starring a bounty hunter and his furry space dog Muffit, Dr. Cop's pilot received a record-breaking eighteen creative overhauls before production even began. The result was almost entirely unrecognizable. The future was replaced with the present, space was replaced with America, and the loveable talking Muffit was replaced with the silent but faithful Gus the Horse. This version was so unlike the original idea that Papadopoulos hanged himself on the night of its premiere.

In its four years on network television, Dr. Cop aired in twenty different timeslots and almost entirely out of order. The ratings were criminally low, but that didn't stop the quality from being criminally awesome. The show was the model for every cop show, lawyer show, or doctor show that came after it. And it would have been a model for the ones that came before it if it had aired before they did.

Dr. Cop has never enjoyed a DVD release, but that hasn't stopped a thriving fan community from emerging on the internet. http://www.dolctorcopinfo.org [sic], the number one resource for Dr. Cop information and discussion online, receives hundreds of hits every year and has been mentioned on such high profile websites as Google and Alta Vista.

Goofs and Plot Holes

In episode 12, Dr. Cop slices open Martinez's esophagus in the middle of a trial in order to find his hidden cocaine stash. Dr. Cop has been established as a renegade at this point, but it is still unlikely that any policeman, doctor, or lawyer would perform such an illegal and medically unsound procedure.

In episode 6, Dr. Cop's car gains the ability to talk and solve crimes. However, after the end of the episode this is never mentioned again. (Note: This could be the result of the network airing the episodes out of order.)

Dr. Cop's profession and hometown are never firmly established. Depending on the needs of the episode, he is either investigator with the Dallas Police Force, or a "Doctor-Lawyer" in Miami. In episode 8, he is apparently both at the same time, despite the fact that the episode was clearly filmed in Chicago and centers around an emergency trial on top of the Sears Tower.

Episode 3 is allegedly a flashback to 1976, but Officer Pressman's father is clearly shown using a cell phone camera and dating Lindsay Lohan.

In episode 20, Martinez returns "from Cuba" despite the fact that his character was Colombian and that he died in Episode 12.

The cliffhanger ending of Season 1 where Dr. Cop has his right hand cut off by terrorists is entirely ignored. Season 2 begins with Dr. Cop in the middle of a heated gun battle with illegal immigrants. (Note: This may not be an error. Dr. Cop has been established as being ambidextrous in previous episodes.)

In episode 3, Officer Pressman's father is a bear, but Pressman himself is Latino.

During the original run of the first season, the opening credits incorrectly presented the show's title as "Dolctor Cop: In Future Land." The subtitle came from an earlier draft of the pilot. The misspelling of "Doctor" was probably just a typo. (Note: This last point is contested in the fan community. See http:// www.dolctorcopinfo.org/disputes/title.htm for more information)

There is no such place as "Dallas Beach."

In episode 33, Martinez's alibi is that he was at home watching Dr. Cop.

In the climax of the trial in episode 24, Dr. Cop claims that he must operate on the judge using only the tools at his disposal, yet in the next scene he places the judge in an MRI.

Episode 18 is just an episode of House with the names replaced. Curiously, Dr. Cop's Vicodin addiction continues for the rest of the series.

Episode 37 was written during a writer's strike and is an edited version of the original pilot with all instances of the word "space" replaced by the word "Earth." In addition to the countless continuity errors that the change caused, it also led to some notorious nonsensical lines, e.g. "Jumping Jupiter, Dolctor! It'll take us five light-years to warp through all that Earth!"

In episode 39, Senator Martinez and the unnamed government agent say each other's lines in the final scene. This results in someone attempting to assassinate the agent and the Senator taking the bullet.

During the fourth season retooling of the show, the original Dr. Cop was fired and replaced with a woman, but this was never mentioned or even acknowledged on the show. All pronouns are still male and the new Dr. Cop actually impregnates his (her) wife in episode 56.

In episode 41, Dr. Cop is saved from execution when it is revealed that he can't drive, but he's been shown driving countless times before that. That very episode ends with a high speed car chase.

Due to a scheduling error, only half of episode 50 was ever finished. When it came time to air it, the network decided to replace the missing last half with the end of episode 33. As a result, Martinez was shown dying on screen again for the fifth time.

In episode 8, Dr. Cop is saved from the top of the Sears Tower by his old Air Force buddies, but this directly contradicts a scene from Episode 4 where Cop says "I was never in the Air Force and I don't have any friends."

When Dr. Cop dies in the series finale, his last words are "I never got to see Paris." This contradicts the two-hour "Dr. Cop Goes To Paris" special and episode 48, in which the fortune teller told him his last words would be "Tell my wife I'm dead." (Note: this may not be an error. Dr. Cop could have been referring to Paris, Texas, or Paris, Ontario, and the old woman might just have been crazy.)

Memorable Quotes

DR. COP: Never fear, citizens of Miami! You're about to undergo a crime-ectomy.

* * *

(Gus the Horse starts neighing loudly)

DR. COP: What's wrong, old friend? You sense trouble ahead?

MARTINEZ: What he smells is a crime pie, Doctor Policía. It's fresh from the evil oven and cooling on the windowsill of misdeeds. Care for a slice?

(They engage in a knife fight)

* * *

DR. COP: The law isn't just about constitutions and charters, your honour. It is about right and wrong. Sure, these so-called "acrobats" may not have committed any crimes on paper, but out here in the real world they are bad men. And bad men deserve to be hurt. Hurt them, your honour. Hurt them with that hammer you always carry around.

* * *

DR. COP: The way I see it, Mr. Arsonist, there are three types of people in the world: Doctors, Cops, and Lawyers. Which are you?

ARSONIST: I'm not any of those things. I'm an arsonist.

DR. COP: Not good enough.

* * *

DON MAFIA, MAFIA DON: I control every courtroom and police station in Dallas! What could you possibly do to stop me?

(Dr. Cop injects Don Mafia with poison)

DR. COP: You forgot hospitals.


* * *

(Gus the Horse has trampled on an evil opera singer's throat)


DR. COP: Careful! You wouldn't want to get horse before the big show!

* * *

DRIVER: What's the problem officer?

DR. COP: That's Doctor Officer.

DRIVER: Oh. Sorry. What's the problem, doctor?

DR. COP: That's Doctor Officer.

* * *

EVIL CYBORG: You know what they say... in Earth, no one can hear you scream!

Brendan Patrick Hennessy, 10 January 2007