A human male has a lovely family that is immediately killed by orcs. Because of this tragedy, the male feels fully justified in killing every single orc that sees from that point forward. Armed with ghost powers, he seeks out and murders literally thousands of orcs. He stabs orcs, beheads orcs, shoots orcs, dismembers orcs, poisons orcs, and eviscerates orcs. He pushes orcs off cliffs, feeds orcs to ravenous monsters, and sets orcs on fire. He never once takes pity on an orc, or shows mercy to an orc, or sees any redeeming quality in an orc. He never does not want to kill an orc. He has no interaction with an orc that is not killing an orc. He has no objective that does not directly involve killing orcs. He kills orcs to make it easier for him to kill other orcs. He brainwashes orcs into killing different orcs on his behalf. He kills orcs that he has already killed. He devotes literally 100% of his energy to turning orcs into dead bodies. But orcs are bad so don't worry about it.

After a sufficient number of orcs are murdered the game is over and the credits roll for twelve and a half minutes.

Brendan Patrick Hennessy, 11 October 2014