Lately I have been having three recurring nightmares.

1. It is pitch black. There is a strongman competition on but I have not prepared. I compete anyway and place second. I should be pleased with my accomplishment, but instead I am disappointed that I did not reach my full potential.

2. I am stranded in a vast desert with a group strangers. Night is coming and we are running low on supplies, but the party insists upon holding an impromptu strongman competition. I beg with them to conserve their energy but they ignore me. One by one they demonstrate incredible superhuman feats of strength and then pass out from exhaustion. Soon I am the only one left and I place first by default.

3. I am in a bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland. Society has crumbled. Vultures circle overhead. Rats and cockroaches skitter across the rubble. The only thing that remains is a strongman competition. All around me mutants demonstrate incredible superhuman feats of strength. I compete, but it is of no use; my loved ones are dead and nothing can bring them back, not even an incredible superhuman feat of strength. Halfway through the proceedings, I kill myself out of grief. I posthumously place third.

Brendan Patrick Hennessy, 19 January 2009